Friday, May 20, 2011

【 Weak current College 】 Japan semiconductor discrete devices designation 】

Japan's production of semiconductor devices, from five to seven parts. Usually only the first five parts, each part of the symbolic significance of the following:
Part one: the number indicates the number of effective electrode device or type. 0-Optoelectronics (i.e. photosensitive) diode triode and combination of the above devices, 1-diodes, 2 three-pole or has two additional device pn junction, 3-has four effective electrode or with three other device pn junction, the ones ones and so on.
Part II: Japan Electronic Industry Association JEIA registered marks. S-indicates the Japan Electronic Industry Association JEIA registration of semiconductor devices.
Part III: letter devices use material polarity and type. A-PNP-high frequency, low frequency pipe, B-PNP-C-NPN-high frequency, low frequency pipe, D-NPN-F-P control very very controllable silicon, Silicon-controlled rectifier, G-N control H-N base unijunction transistor, J-P pfet, K-N pfet, M-TRIAC.
Part four: a number in the Japan electronic industry association registered with sequence number JEIA. Two more integer-start from the "11", expressed in the Japan electronic industry association registered with sequence number JEIA; different companies performance the same devices can use the same sequence number; the higher the number, the more recent products.
Part five: letter of the same type of improved product logo. A, B, C, D, E, F means that the device is the improvement of the original models.

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